mod announcement

thank you to the 90 members that have joined flowerboys.
the community is now closed on membership and all blogcrews would be left for the public to view as well.

to the members, of course, there will be benefits since i've already closed memebership.
rules for blogcrews created from 050608 onwards will definitely be in favour of the 90 members.

please continue watching and participating.

#010 closed to non-members

hi, i have no banner to bring this time.
i got a little lazy so yes.

`Super Junior H only.
`one claim per user
`unlimited claims to each boy
`will be closed on 5th of June 6pm(GMT +8)
members can still make claims after closing date
`simple codes can be edited as you deem fit.

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*all changes/claims that were made in the reservations will be listed later.

step right up

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about time.
so i've made this to make claiming easier, faster and for better organisation.

o1one person to a claim.
o2you can claim an ot3/otp along with your single claim, crossovers are more than welcomed.
o3this only works when a particular blogcrew has 3 or more claiming spots
o4as for the otp/ot3, frequent users would know i'd usually give one available spot. so the same goes for this, the otp/ot3 you claim, will be a permanent spot for you.
o5claims are made within the 3 groups listed, no exceptions.

please take the time to read who has claimed what.
multiple comments of those who wants to claim a spot taken, will be ignored.


anyone remembered how hae spelt love as lvoe on some fansite and min called up to correct him?


which means dongbangjuniorbigbang
super junior m is excluded because they belong to the cpop industry

`two claims per user.

`four claims to each boy.

`otps+ot3s welcomed.

`claim one otp/ot3 and the two claims become invalid.

`the otp/ot3 claimed will be solely owned by the user who claimed it.

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this time it's something really random. >_>

`mainly 동방주니어
non-동방주니어 can only be claimed twice
(this whole blogcrew is not inclusive of suju m, if you'd ask because they belong to cpop)

`one boy can only be claimed four times.

`one claim per user.

`if i do not know your claim, i'd ignore your post so please, if you think i won't know who you want to claim, state the full name and group if he's not a solo.

`the current 77 members of flowerboys, you can make two claims.
other than that, even if the claim you want is full, you can still make the claim.

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